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Two Easy Methods of How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10
How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10

Have your phone got trouble or frozen? If this trouble happens to your Samsung galaxy s10, you certainly need to know the ways to solve it. This problem actually can be handled easily. However, if you are a new user, you may panic about this situation. So, to know how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the key for you to solve this trouble. Here, you can learn how to do factory reset Samsung by following two methods below.

The First Method of How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10

There are two methods which are commonly done by some Samsung galaxy S10 users to hard reset the phone. Here is the first method you can try.

1. Push and hold the power key

First, you need to push the power key until you see the menu pops up. 

2. Click on restart

On the popup, just click on Restart.

3. Push volume up + Bixby + Power button

You can do this way when the Samsung Galaxy logo occurs.

4. Release all buttons

When the Recovery Mode shows up, just release all buttons you press.

5. Choose “wipe data/factory reset

In this step, you can choose it by using a Volume button to scroll the choices. Then, use the Power key to confirm what you select.

6. Choose “yes”

The sixth step just chooses “yes” and followed by clicking the power button.

7. Select the “reboot system now”

You can do this step with the power key. 

8. Finish

In this process, you only need the process of hard reset in a few minutes.

The Second Method to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10

The other method you can do to hard reset your Galaxy S10 is by following the steps below.

1. Switch on the phone

To do this step, you can press the Power Key for a few seconds.

2. Go to the Main menu, choose Settings, and scroll and choose General management

3. Choose reset and Factory Data Reset

After you click on General management, you will find several choices. Just select reset or factory reset.

4. Tap Reset

After you do the third step, there will be a choice of Reset to tap again for confirmation. Just tap on it.


You can continue the fourth step by clicking on DELETE ALL in order to launch the operation of resetting.

6. Finish

Just wait for the process of resetting until it finishes and is ready to use as the factory setting.

Yes, those are two methods of how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S10 you can do when your phone gets frozen or unresponsive. Hopefully, they will be helpful so much to help you solve the problem when you experience a problem like this.

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