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How to Split Screen On Galaxy S10 Effectively

How to Split Screen On Galaxy S10
How to Split Screen On Galaxy S10

How to Split Screen On Galaxy S10

Having a smart-phone that can do multi-tasking things must be advantageous for anyone else. Fortunately, Samsung Galaxy is kind of multi-tasking device in which you can watch video on YouTube while you are browsing something. For supporting multi-tasking display, you need to activate Multi Window which is known as a split screen. Let’s learn how to split screen on Galaxy S10 together! Well, once you’ve done splitting the screen successfully, you will enjoy using your smart-phone. Voilà! You are able to run two applications at the same time! Okay, let’s check it out!

How to Split Screen On Galaxy S10 Effortlessly

As we talked, splitting screen is very useful because you can use two application at the same time. You can sing on Smule and chat with your friend on WhatsApp or LINE. Well, let’s directly discuss how to split screen on Galaxy S10 below!

1. From a Home screen, tap the Recent application icon on the bottom-left. Then, scroll left or right to locate the preferred application. After that, click the application icon, for instance, calendar, G-mail, or gallery, located at the top of the panel. Then, select Open in split screen.

2. From the Recent application screen, tap the second application to view. Select the Recent application icon on the lower-left to change the current application. To close the split screen view, you need to choose the X icon on the top. To adjust the size of the application, you have to slide the horizontal bar between the application up or down.

Important Things to Know About Splitting Screen on Galaxy S10

1. What if you can’t find the Multi Window icon

You must wonder why you are not able to find the Multi Window icon. Well, there are some definite applications which do not support Multi Window mode. For instance, Instagram, this application does not support a split-screen mode. Therefore, you cannot use another application while you are playing Instagram. However, as it is updated, it may support the Multi Window mode.

2. Portrait or landscape display

Mostly, the smart-phone display is on a portrait. Yet, if you want your Multi Window to be landscape, you must make sure to turn on the Auto-rotate Setting. Then, all you need to do is just turn your phone horizontally while in split screen view.

Well, that’s all about splitting screen on Galaxy. Hopefully, you could understand easily how to split screen on Galaxy S10.  Let’s discuss it when you have a problem in splitting screen on the Galaxy device.

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