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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 Easily

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10
How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10

When you have a smart-phone, you must not want others but you to use the phone. That is why it is better to lock your phone so people won’t be available to access it. Locking the phone is easy but unlocking it may be difficult once you forgot the password. Yet, there are some effortless ways of how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S10. Not sure how? Well, why ain’t try to read the steps in this following details? Let’s see it below!

Steps of how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 fast

Talking about how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S10, there must be some steps but below are the easiest ones!

1. Find your phone’s code provider

It’s hard for a person who knows nothing about the phone but wants to unlock it. Well, mostly, people buy and use the smart-phone for playing games or accessing the social-media applications. That is why once their phones locked, it is kind a difficult to unlock it. Luckily, there is a code provider who offers services to unlock the smart-phone in any types. Find one which matches you well. UnlockUnit may be the great code provider to consider.

2. Get the IMEI or IMED of your Samsung Galaxy S10

To get the IMEI, you need to open up your dialer and type in *#06#. Then, you will immediately know your IMEI. Write your IMEI on your notebook or somewhere safe so that you could search for your IMEI once you forgot it.

3. Get your code

It is important to have an e-mail address because your code will be sent to there. Before, choose the UnlockUnit and click the Galaxy S10 as your Samsung phone model. Later, choose the available network and type your IMEI code on the IMEI box. Do not forget to write down your e-mail address, too.

4. Use your SIM card

The next step you need to do is shutting down your phone. Then, remove your old SIM card and change it with the new one. After that, turn on your smart-phone. Well, you see the command that says Enter Your Network Unlock Code soon. Then, you just need to enter it with the one sent on your e-mail. VoilĂ , your Galaxy S10 is unlocked now.

How to Unlock the SIM Mobile Device

Samsung Galaxy S10 sadly does not provide the mobile device unlock application. That is why you have to do these following ways.

  1. Determine if devices are eligible to unlock by checking the mobile wireless device unlocking.
  2. From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Application tray
  3. Select Settings and choose Connections. Then, you need to tap More connection settings and click Network Unlock
  4. Choose one device unlock type. If you have a mobile data connection, you should better choose a temporary unlock. Thus, select the permanent unlock if it does not require any data connection.
  5. You just need to wait and great! Your phone will be unlocked soon.

Well, that’s all about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 which may be helpful for you whose phone is locked.

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