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How to Restart Galaxy S22 When Frozen

How to Restart Galaxy S22 When Frozen
How to Restart Galaxy S22 When Frozen

How to restart Galaxy S22 when frozen? Sometimes, you may have a bad experience with your smartphone. It is suddenly frozen or lagging and you find it difficult to use it. So, what should you do? Is it possible to restart the device?

Yes, of course. But it seems you must make more attempts to make it work. Restarting the Samsung Galaxy S22 when it is frozen is indeed more difficult than it is in the normal condition. Therefore, if it is hard restart Galaxy S22, you can try some methods below.

Steps to Restart Frozen Galaxy S22

When your Galaxy S22 smartphone is not working, first of all, press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power Key together for 8 seconds. The duration is indeed longer than usual as it may force the device to shut down.

Second, if the process is successful, the Samsung logo appears. Release your holds and the device automatically continues the boot process. Your Samsung Galaxy S22 is also automatically restarted.

Lastly, try to operate the smartphone to see whether it still lags or not. If in some minutes, the smartphone is still lagging, you may repeat the process to force restart Galaxy S22. If not, do actions explained in the point below.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Of course, there must be a problem behind the lag. In the future, you should not restart the smartphone all the time since it may cause any damage inside. So, if it is hard to reboot Galaxy S22, it is better to solve the problem by removing or uninstalling unnecessary apps.

To know which problematic app is actually quite easy. Remember what app causes lags just after you open and use it. No matter how important the app looks, make sure to uninstall it and replace it with other similar apps that work better.

Lagging is also often caused by having too many apps on the smartphone. Therefore, uninstalling some of them you think you rarely use is a great move.

Cache Removal

Another suggestion for preventing lagging or frozen Galaxy S22 is by removing cache regularly. This way, you don’t need to force reboot Galaxy S22 too often. A cache is the trash or remains of data you use when operating your smartphone.

The amount of cache may not be big but if it is accumulated, the cache is “powerful" enough to cause the smartphone to lag. How to restart Galaxy S22 when frozen? Make sure to follow some tips above.

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