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How to Set Up Voicemail Galaxy S22

How to Set Up Voicemail Galaxy S22
How to Set Up Voicemail Galaxy S22
How to set up voicemail Galaxy S22? Voicemail is not a new thing in the world of telecommunication. It is a kind of service that uses data transmission media with the phone cable as the media. It sends information in the form of voice just like the mailbox in the conventional phone. So, if someone calls you and you don’t answer it, it can be a solution.

Many smartphones nowadays also apply voicemail as a feature in the Phone app. It is proven to be helpful enough particularly when both the caller and receiver are busy. Instead of the phone is just being simply ignored, the message is still delivered through voicemail.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is one of the smartphone series that has voicemail as one of the phone features. So, how to set it up and use it? You can follow some steps below.

Steps to Setup Voicemail in Galaxy S22

Generally, setting up voicemail in Galaxy S22 is not different from setting it up in other Samsung series. First of all, you can go to Setting and choose Call Setting. Continue it with Voice Message.

Second, tap the Voicemail service and choose My Operator. Choose the phone number and the type of voice message in the number of your voicemail. Tap OK after submitting the number of your voicemail.

Third, tap OK in the voicemail number you have changed before. Open the Phone or Dialer app on your Samsung Galaxy S22. Tap and hold the 1 button until your phone calls the service of Voicemail.

Fourth, submit your PIN or password when the voice message asks you to do so. Take note of your name when you are also asked to do it. Next, choose the default voicemail or you can also record a new voicemail when the instruction or the voice asks you.

Lastly, follow the instruction to further edit your smartphone Setting. This request depends on the operator of the phone number you use. Therefore, it may be different from one to another. If it has been done, you are successfully providing or configuring the voicemail service on Samsung Galaxy S22.

Change the Message of the Voicemail

So, how to change the message of the voicemail? Of course, you can only repeat the instruction mentioned above. If you have used the default message before, you may record your own voice to make a unique voicemail.

The service of voicemail is undeniably very easy to use. Make sure to utilize it to ease you in communicating with others.

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